The Catalyst Innovation Center is a business incubator geared towards bioscience, engineering and technology start-ups. Now affiliated with the Arkansas State University Innovation System as the site location for The Lab, Catalyst is located within the A-State Arkansas Biosciences Institute.

Featuring executive office suites and conference space, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and business services to new and growing science and innovation based ventures, we offer the foundation to allow start-up businesses to grow and prosper.

Catayst is located inside the Arkansas BioSciences Institute facility on the Arkansas State University campus in Jonesboro. It marks another exciting step in efforts to foster innovation-based economic development, with an ultimate goal of creating opportunities that will develop and retain the most talented among our region’s students and workforce.

The Catalyst Innovation Center is a  program of the ASU Research & Development Institute (RDI). Its founding and continued success is thanks to a collaborative effort of ASU RDI, the Northeast Arkansas Business Community, Arkansas State University, the Arkansas BioSciences Institute, the Delta Center for Economic Development, U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration. It was made possible by funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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Welcome to Catalyst

The Catalyst Innovation Center offers almost 8,000 square feet of combined wet-lab and office space, including 14 flexible laboratories with three different floor plans, nine offices, executive conference room, break room and reception area.

Renting space in Catalyst includes the following services:
 • High-speed internet and wi-fi access
 • Loading dock and receiving area
 • Building security systems


The Laboratory

Renting laboratory space at Catalyst provides access to five common-space lab rooms.

Proteomics/genomics core common room
 • BioTek Cytation 3 imaging reader
 • Thermal cycler (Bio-Rad CFX96 real-time optics module & C1000 touch thermal cycler)
 • Analytical and top-load balances
Cell culture room
Dedicated clean bench hood room
Common space labs
 • Centrifuges, shakers, plate washers, ice machine, and fume hoods
 • -80, -20 and 4-degree refrigerators

Additional services included with rental
of lab spaces:
 • Autoclave and dishwasher access
 • Electricity (120v)
 • Water (tap and distilled)
 • Air (120 psi)
 • Basic janitorial services and trash disposal (non-hazardous)


Arkansas State University Biosciences Institute

Catalyst is located at the A-State Biosciences Institute. Access to specialized equipment rooms and core equipment of the facility is available for an additional fee. Select services and equipment include:

• Radio chemicals lab
• Imaging lab – BD Pathway 855, Biotek Cytation 5 bioimager, various upright and inverted microscopes, and stereoscopes.
• Flow cytometry lab – BD Biosciences cell sorter and flow cytometer
• Genomics lab
• Proteomics lab
• Clean bench hoods
• Animal care facility
• Greenhouse
• Plant growth chamber rooms
• Access to liquid nitrogen
• Dark room


Companies at Catalyst

The Catalyst Innovation Center is a business incubator geared towards bioscience, engineering and technology start-ups. Catalyst provides the foundation for start-up businesses to grow and prosper. Featuring executive offices, state-of-the art wet-lab facilities, and valuable business services as part of our incubator program, Catalyst can house start-ups from their initial formation and provide the groundwork for these to thrive.

For more information as to the benefits of renting space at Catalyst, please visit our facilities page 

If you are interested in our Incubator Program, please visit our incubator page.

Company Profile

“Developing innovative protein-based therapeutics for human health.”

BioStrategies LC is a biotech company focused on the development of innovative protein-based therapeutics for human health and veterinary applications.  The company has pioneered research to develop novel enzyme replacement therapeutic (ERT) technology, which employs biotechnology approaches for production of the human enzyme in a safe, low cost plant-based production system.   BioStrategies continues to bring novel technologies to therapeutics for rare disease with the development of new lectin-based protein delivery systems.   The company’s lectin-ERT fusion proteins are designed to increase ERT drug effectiveness by enhancing delivery to cells and tissues of the body that are not treated adequately by existing ERT drugs and drug delivery mechanisms.



“Infinite Enzymes is focused on delivering the next evolutionary step in biobased technologies by producing a new generation of single activity enzymes.”

Infinite Enzymes is a biotech company with a novel genetic technology for producing low-cost, recombinant enzymes in corn seed for converting cellulosic biomass into biobased products. It employs plant biotechnology for producing useful, sustainable enzymes for industrial applications based around the concept of corn grain as a bio-factory. Using plants for production of industrial enzymes, capitalizes on tractable and highly scalable agricultural production systems. The plant system offers a new revenue stream to farmers and enables numerous industries because of the potential for low cost and large volumes possible without this capital expenditure.

Company website:  http://www.infiniteenzymes.com/


“Innovator Health provides a unique low-bandwidth telemedicine hardware and software solution to allow a physician to broadcast to the
patient’s bedside in their life-size form, 3-D and with direct eye

Company website: https://www.innovatorhealth.com/   


“Enhanced natural ingredients for a healthy life.”

Company website: http://nature-west.com/


“Liquid Filter Technologies has developed a plant-enhancing material designed to increase yield, while improving the plant’s ability to survive abiotic and biotic stressors.”

Contact Us


Luna Acosta, MBA, ECM 
Catalyst Innovation Center

Physical Address:
ABI, 504 University Loop East
State University, AR 72467

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2760, State University, AR 72467