Welcome to Catalyst

The Catalyst Innovation Center offers almost 8,000 square feet of combined wet-lab and office space, including 14 flexible laboratories with three different floor plans, nine offices, executive conference room, break room and reception area.

Renting space in Catalyst includes the following services:
 • High-speed internet and wi-fi access
 • Loading dock and receiving area
 • Building security systems


The Laboratory

Renting laboratory space at Catalyst provides access to five common-space lab rooms.

Proteomics/genomics core common room
 • BioTek Cytation 3 imaging reader
 • Thermal cycler (Bio-Rad CFX96 real-time optics module & C1000 touch thermal cycler)
 • Analytical and top-load balances
Cell culture room
Dedicated clean bench hood room
Common space labs
 • Centrifuges, shakers, plate washers, ice machine, and fume hoods
 • -80, -20 and 4-degree refrigerators

Additional services included with rental
of lab spaces:
 • Autoclave and dishwasher access
 • Electricity (120v)
 • Water (tap and distilled)
 • Air (120 psi)
 • Basic janitorial services and trash disposal (non-hazardous)


Arkansas State University Biosciences Institute

Catalyst is located at the A-State Biosciences Institute. Access to specialized equipment rooms and core equipment of the facility is available for an additional fee. Select services and equipment include:

• Radio chemicals lab
• Imaging lab – BD Pathway 855, Biotek Cytation 5 bioimager, various upright and inverted microscopes, and stereoscopes.
• Flow cytometry lab – BD Biosciences cell sorter and flow cytometer
• Genomics lab
• Proteomics lab
• Clean bench hoods
• Animal care facility
• Greenhouse
• Plant growth chamber rooms
• Access to liquid nitrogen
• Dark room