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The Catalyst Innovation Center is a business incubator geared towards bioscience, engineering and technology start-ups. Catalyst provides the foundation for start-up businesses to grow and prosper. Featuring executive offices, state-of-the art wet-lab facilities, and valuable business services as part of our incubator program, Catalyst can house start-ups from their initial formation and provide the groundwork for these to thrive.

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BioStrategies LC is a biotech company focused on the development of innovative protein-based therapeutics for human health and veterinary applications.  The company has received multiple grant awards from NIH and other federal and state agencies and received the prestigious SBA Tibbett’s Award in 2012 for innovative research excellence in the national Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR). This award recognized the company’s pioneering research to develop novel enzyme replacement therapeutic (ERT) technology, which employs biotechnology approaches for production of the human enzyme in a safe, low cost plant-based production system for the rare genetic condition, Gaucher’s Disease.   BioStrategies continues to bring novel technologies to therapeutics for rare disease with the development of new lectin-based protein delivery systems.   The company’s lectin-ERT fusion proteins are designed to increase ERT drug effectiveness by enhancing delivery to cells and tissues of the body that are not treated adequately by existing ERT drugs and drug delivery mechanisms.

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Infinite Enzymes is a biotech company with a novel genetic technology for producing low-cost, recombinant enzymes in corn seed for converting cellulosic biomass into biobased products. It employs plant biotechnology for producing useful, sustainable enzymes for industrial applications based around the concept of corn grain as a bio-factory

Infinite Enzymes, LLC has fully developed a licensed patented system using maize as a plant biofactory to inexpensively produce industrial enzymes. Using plants for production of industrial enzymes, capitalizes on tractable and highly scalable agricultural production systems. The plant system offers a new revenue stream to farmers and enables numerous industries because of the potential for low cost and large volumes possible without this capital expenditure.

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First-time SBIR winner GeneCoMe Biotech received a $99,999 grant from the USDA Animal Production and Protection SBIR program to develop a plant-based method for treating poultry diseases such as coccidiosis. GeneCoMe has developed a rapid and cost-effective method to produce chicken cytokines in tobacco plants. The long-term goal is to apply their cytokine as an alternative to antibiotics and antimicrobials to prevent diseases that affect the poultry industry.